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Dongguan Qili Blister Products Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Qili Blister Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2010, is located in the town of Dalingshan, under the Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, located in Dongguan City, south-central, respectively, with the Shenzhen City, Luo Tiancun and Dongguan City, Changan Town, , Connected to Humen Town in the southwest and Houjie Town, Nancheng District (篁 村) and Dongcheng District (Fucheng) respectively in the west and northwest, adjoined with Liaobu Town in the north and adjacent to Dalang Town in the east and southeast . Covers an area of over 20,000 square feet, is a collection of product development, mold design, production and processing as one of the modern processing enterprises. Specializes in providing a variety of thick plastic, thick plastic, special plastic, special thick plastic, thick plastic, thick plastic, plastic plate, special plastic, large plastic, large thick plastic products. Over the years we continue to absorb new technologies at home and abroad, new technology, and bold innovation, accumulated rich experience trained a large number of technical staff.

Qi encourage Blister Products Co., Ltd. has a large plastic machine more than one, the largest molded product size: length 5000mm * width 3000mm * 900mm thick thickest blister 15mm, large five-axis CNC, three-axis CNC multiple units, and shade Machine, bending machines, Ping gong machines, aluminum mold and other ancillary facilities to ensure the quality of production and production progress.

The company mainly produces the following products: machine case blister, display blister, ad blister, sat blouse, blister card, sports equipment shell blister, cosmetic equipment shell blister, medical equipment shell blister, golf Car shell plastic, toy car shell plastic, boat-shaped shell plastic, pet tray plastic, turnover tray plastic, video game shell plastic, plastic door, refrigerator liner plastic, light boxes plastic, transparent PC, Acrylic Blister, Auto Interior Accessories, Electric Car, Silk Screen Registration Blister, Refrigerator Liner, Turnover Tray, Bags, Surfboards, Cruise Ships, TV Rear Case, Incubation Pots, Cosmetic Cabinets, Car Luggage, Lampshade, Hand Wash Basin, bath tub, shampoo bed, sporting goods serve, electronic industry, furniture industry, food industry, home industry, etc.

Materials used in products can be customized according to customer requirements. Commonly used plates are: glossy, glossy, matte, matte, protective film and striae PC PMMA PETG PET ABS HIPS PP PE PVE ABS + PC composite board ABS + PMMA composite board, the material colors are: red, blue, Green, yellow, purple and other international programming of all colors, the company especially in PC, PMMA and other transparent products have unique experience.

Companies focus on quality management, and pursuing a "quality-oriented, honest as the" quality win the future business philosophy. Proofing quickly, on time delivery, reasonable prices, quality and stability, win-win for the faith of the operating principles for the majority of domestic and foreign customers with the best quality products and services.

Dongguan Qili Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

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