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ABS plastic process introduction

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ABS plastics, mostly come from electrical products, a variety of daily necessities and some mechanical small parts.

1. ABS is more, computer case, TV case, instrument case, car panel, decorative materials, pick this material, special plating, painting color, etc. to be separated.

2. Chemical treatment, deplating, and lacquering, but de-coating and lacquering must be cautious. Because chemical syrup has a certain ratio, use protective equipment and containers, otherwise it will cause injury and other incidents.

3. Clean the tank to clean, then dry, color or auxiliary materials, in order to improve the quality.

4. Special extruders are used to granulate, but the filter must be placed, but the filter is placed according to product requirements.

5. The pellets have cold water pellets, air-cooled pellets, and pelletizing standards, 3X4mm, followed by packaging labeling.

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