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ABS plastic application range

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ABS plastics are mainly used in the industries of machinery, electrical, textile, automotive and shipbuilding. In the ABS consumption structure, it is mainly household appliances, machinery parts, office supplies and appliances. At the same time, ABS is also very optimistic about the demand prospects of communication equipment, commodity equipment, culture, education and entertainment products and building materials.

ABS plastic housing material: widely used in the manufacture of telephones, mobile phones, televisions, tape recorders, copiers, fax machines, washing machines, power tools, typewriter keyboards, kitchen supplies and children's toys.

ABS plastic machinery parts : Can be used to manufacture gears, impellers, bearings, handles, pipes, pipe fittings, battery tanks, etc.

ABS plastic auto parts : Specific varieties include steering wheel, instrument panel, fan blade, fender, instrument panel, tool door, wheel cover, mirror box, handle and armrest.

ABS plastic other products: all kinds of chemical corrosion-resistant pipes, gold-plated products, stationery, imitation wood products, hair dryers, blenders, food processing machines, lawn mowers, golf carts and jet skis.

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